Solid Stone And The Hard Rock…

I’m a subborn ass. I should know. I always seem to rub heads with other stubborn asses with enough force to cause a firestorm. Which for the most part is not a pretty sight and in turn I always end up turning people into enemies rather than friends. That I don’t have to tell you isn’t good for my social life one bit.

Which is not surprising anyway.

I was in fact raised by people who were stubborn asses. My mom is a stubborn ass and my dad…yeah one of the biggest stubborn ass I ever had the honour of knowing. They apparently in turn were raised by stubborn asses if the stories of my grandparents served any truth to them…whom were, if memory serves me right, raised by…yup, you guessed it – stubborn asses.

Hell, I’d probably come from a whole generation of stubborn asses as far as the line goes.

Being a stubborn ass has its uses as well. We may have a hard time following what others do or even listening to what other people have to say. But then again…if you toss us into hell, we’d stand at nothing to claw our way back up again. If you give us a task you say is impossible, chances are it’ll be finished by morning. We would back down to something we know we can do despite the amount of crap we have to put up to.

We stand immovable by the things we hold dear.

How many people you know have that kind of quality in this world?

That’s probably why it would also be interesting to know that you are in fact a stubborn ass as well, but you would already know that. Somehow…when you put your mind to it, even after hell froze over and the sky is littered with flying pigs that floss, there is nothing in the world that would make you move from where you stand. What’s amazing is…

Sometimes that just makes you so beautiful.

Other times I feel like pulling out all the hair from my head.

In the end, I don’t know what happened. I don’t know how it could happen in the first place. I know I’m still a stubborn ass. I know you’re still a stubborn ass.


Why is it I can’t say no you? Why is it you would stand by me even to what you don’t agree in? Why is it you make me less of an ass that I used to be? Why is it you’d always give me so many chances to prove you wrong? Why is it I always want to do everything you want? Why is it that you embrace my darkest side knowing what it is?

I don’t know.

Maybe there is hope for our future generations after all. Maybe they’ll be great stubborn asses that will listen to each other and the ones they love…just like their parents. It’s a nice thought to dwell on. But for now…I’ll just keep to standing where I want to. If anyone wants me to move. Talk to her. See if you can get her to convince me.

Good luck on that one…

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