Standing Fast

Hope…something alot of us need, but can never find. How many of us have been hurt and felt so down. So much so that we lose our sense of purpose, so much so that we become so apathic towards life, bitter towards existance and just plain depressed? Is reality that bad as for us to find it hard to snap out of it? Ok fine…yes it is hard, doesn’t mean it can’t be easy too.

What matters is we start to choose to NOT to be depressed. Yes I know it sounds easier said than done. But it can, all you need is the right friends and a moment of logical clarity. Then it’s really uphill from there. Well, at least it works for me. I’ve got a girlfriend who cares alot and who is my soul support, a couple of friends who don’t mind the deeper aspects of life and I’ve got enough things to do that I would be too tired to even feel anything at all. A good combination.

What about other people? Well…all I can say is, life is not worth living if you don’t have a reason worth dying for. Yes…it’s ironic. You’re willing to die for something that is worth living for. But it makes sense…it’s that purpose, that goal, that mission in life that somehow prevents of from feeling depressed. Maybe angry or frustrated, but never depressed. I’ve seen people snap out of depression because they set goals to themselves. Give themselves another chance…another shot at hope. That’s what we all need…a chance at our life and our dreams. The hope that at least…that we will rage into the dying of the light.

Good Lord, I’m actually rambling on here. It’s late, and that’s the first thing that popped into my mind. Well in a nutshell it’s all up to us. We choose the way we live. Life rolls the dice, we move the move. So no matter what happens, we will fight to stay alive, to get what we want and never go gently into that good night.

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