Standing In My Way

This is so aggravating. Why is it every time I have an opportunity solve the problem permanently, people get in my way and screw up everything. This time I’m talking about my parents. Yes they have always stood in my way of whatever I do…couter productively I might add. But this time it has gone too far. How am I going to do what people rely on my to accomplish when I haven’t the resources to complete it. Yes I have explained the situation clearly, but as my father is as think headed as I am (how else could I be so stubborn). I lack what I need…not want the most. A laptop.

Further thing is that it’s not a high end one…no. This is a medium end standard, with the exception of a 32MB Radeon or Geforce in order for me to handle some graphics with ease. Why I require a laptop? Well as was stated before…I need it because I go mobile, I have no time to stick to one place and do my work and assignments. I need all the practicality I can get to solve what I want. But no…I don’t need it. I’m not working yet…this is a first degree….bla bla.

Right now I’m thinking very very dark thoughts. For those who know me well enough…you have an INKLING of what I am thinking right now. I swear to god. I am going to get what I need even if blood has to literally spill. No one is going to stand in my way of solving the problems especially not my parents. Woe betide anyone who stands in my way.

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