Still Waiting

3 more days until Matrix: Reloaded, which means 3 more shows to watch before the premier. I don’t know if anyone can read this or not because my FTP isn’t working. But here’s hoping. It’s amzing how each day passes so fast. I don’t even know when the day went. All I’m doing is alot of stuff in my University. Hopefully, I don’t go stark raving mad fromall the stress and start wiping the clean slate out of people. Right now my new council project just happens to be writing and directing a short 10 minute sketch on the History of the Dragon Boat Race. Shouldn’t be too hard since I did this before, but with the timeline I’m pulling, it’s going to be a tight fit into my scheduel.

Well at least I’ve got Wednesday and Thurdays for it (at least Thursday evening since I’ll be watching Matrix: Reloaded). First of all, how to I make History fun without distorting it. I don’t think I can look to school history for any inspiration, more than 3/4 the time History was a dead bore anyway. This is a tricky doozy.

Oh well…I’ll figure something out, I always do anyway. Got to rest and watch The Matrix again later after I cook dinner. One more week until my mom comes home from Australia so freedom is still in my grasp. Time to make the best of it.

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