Still Waiting Again

2 more days and 2 more times I have to watch Matrix.

Got all my things set. Right now I’ve got my black shirt and black pants ready. I’ve got my shades in order and guess what…I’ve got my black shoes all polished. No, I’m not attending an MIB fan club. This is far better than that. This is the premier opening of Matrix: Reloaded. The most thought provoking, anticipated sequal since Star Wars. Why am I dressing up that way? Well for one, Im one huge fan of The Matrix, considering I’ve got 2 more times to watch it will I’ve watched it for the 100th time. The second thing is…well…why not show my devotion for the show anyway? It’s not like I’m wearing a Storm Trooper costume or have makeup like Darth Maul or anything.

To top it off, I’ve my little projects to head off by Friday. I feel like I’m really in the Matrix itself, caught in this whirlpool of illusions of misery and self imposed suffering. HAH…if it was only that easy. I would have been pulled out by now and been off to fight to liberate humanity from all the lies. Man…I can only dream.

Doesn’t matter though…I feel I’ve got a little more soul searching to do after watching Matrix Reloaded later on. That would be good enough to inspire me anyway. Or at least get my all fired up long enough to get things done. Worse come worse it’ll just force me to panic because I didn’t get any work done. Boy…would I kill to alter a little reality right about now.

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