Straight As An Arrow…

Just when you think everything is quiet. Just when you think there is nothing more life can put into signals. It’s just about time for another one of those “life-trying-to-tell-me-something” moments. I’m just not sure whether I should be afraid of this one or just be amused to hell about it.

Ever since I got here and even before that, I’ve been getting messages that involve gay men.

No…I don’t really know why. No…I know I’m perfectly straight as any hetrosexual. Yes…I have a girlfriend. Yes…I’m happy with her even on a physical level. No…I don’t think I’m a closet bisexual. Yes…I said I don’t think. No…well…how the hell am I supposed to know anyway?

Yeah, I mean it’s something that usually I would take notice in a particular order. First I hear some people thought I was gay in the first place. Then first show I watched here was Will and Grace, then The Secret Life of Us followed by Queer Eye for the Straight Guy…which incidentally involved main characters whom are gay. Then random musings by dorm mates involving gay people and more random musings then followed by a gay friend I haven’t seen in a long while whom still refuses to let go the fact he wants to convert me to the other side.

Of course there is also you whom is amused and fearful of the possibility I may turn out to be a bisexual because then you’d be jealous and competitive of me mixing with cute men.

I don’t know where all of this came from.

Come on whoever is out there! Are you sure you’re giving me the right messages?!

And again for God’s sake…no I’m not gay. I have gay friends and I have nothing against homosexuals and I totally get the argument that who else can pleasure a man better than another man? But I am a man who is comfortable with his sexual nature and orientation. I know what the details that a homosexual sexual relationship (that was a mouthful…no pun intended) entails and I’m not disgusted by it, I’m just going with the flow on it…just like any other sexual natures I have come across over the years.

So unless you got me REALLY drunk or for some inexplicable reason there is another bisexual man in our bed. There is no reason to come to the point where I start exploring that part of of sexual nature.

So…now that’s off my chest.

Does anyone really know why I would be getting signs and messages like that?



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