Strong Winds And Roast Chicken…

For those of you already know me well enough, the first thing you’d probably know by now that I’m a man born out of routine. If you don’t know…yes…I’m one of those people who spends the days of his life doing the almost exact same things on a constant basis.

Of course, this makes me very predictable at times. I mean…there are things in my dailylife you can set a watch to if you found it out. There are things in my life that are not bound by time but set by a daily habit…like blogging for instance…and your mail. If I don’t do the things I have to do in the day or at that time, I find that I get very very restless, edgy and plain agitated. It’s like clock work…I have to do it or I feel something bad will happen.

So you can imagine the lengths I go to get things done.

Sometimes it does help to be someone who’s a slave to routine…even an obsessive compulsive. I mean…fine…we find it hard to get along with people. Fine…we tend to be perfectionist and nit-picky with the tasks that we do especially if it’s part of our routine…which also makes causes our social life to be a bloody mess. Then again…we tend to complete our jobs faster and more methodical than most people. During the course my morning routines, I can cleaned up get dressed and ready in 10 minutes if I push it without forgetting things.

I don’t have to think of what I’m doing.

So…yeah it is a boon sometimes…until circumstances force you to change your routines. Yeah. Ever since I’m came here, I’ve been trying to get settled in somewhat with my routines and I think I’ve got it. I mean…I have my daily wake up and sleep scheduel. I picked the days and the times when I go grocery shopping and laundry cleaning. I know when I’m free to blog or write my mail. When to move so I’ll right on time when the bus comes. I know when I can do my homework or when I can study. In short…I know when I have my time to myself and time to keep thinking of the things that’s on my mind.

It’s a symphony of order and precision.

Then again…maybe times do change. I mean…I know your father and I share similar quirks in that we’re both slaves to our routines and we can be pretty anal when it comes to how we want it done. Then I don’t want you to be with me forever reminded that I am a ghosted image of your father. When I walk out there, I want to know that I have your hand to hold. I’m taking a big step into your world of spontaneous possibilities and I’m just scared of being lost in it.

But I don’t mind.

I don’t mind for as long as I know you’re there arms wide open with a smile I would walk through hell for. I guess some routines can be bent…others can be broken. Things can change as long as I’m willing to change them…even if I’m going to be messed up for a while.

I would do it if you tell it it’s all worth it.

Though…come to think of it…there is one routine I would never break when the time comes for it to happen. No matter what, no matter where for as long as we both shall live. Spending my days with you on end is one thing I’d be proud to be an obsessive compulsive for.

Now that’s something to set your watch to.

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