The 100 Meter Crawl…

Allow me to start by saying what’s most on my mind right about now. If I don’t get much sleep any time soon, I am probably going to start hallucinating grand visitations from some Aztec Monkey God or something of that sort but if I cut down on my studying and assignments, I can kiss my career in Biotechnology goodbye. It’s not that I want to get Honours or anything. It’s that I want to get FIRST class honours.

Alright, so I’m a competitive bastard, but I don’t think anyone should possibly hold that against me. No one said it was a crime to try and push the limits of your abilities. No one said it was bad to compete with other people too provided you don’t break certain obvious laws like murder, extortion or blackmail. But why is it that people for the most part dislike other people who try and do their best to get to where they want?

I mean I don’t know about anyone of you, but I would like it if I have someone to compete with any time of the day in the fields I like. There is nothing more mind-driven than knowing that you’re trying to outdo another person who could be as good if not better than you. There is nothing that pushes a person more short of competing with mother nature herself than knowing that you have to outperform certain aspects of your own species. I can’t possibly think of any other situation that could push us so much. If nature is all about the survival of the fittest…this is where it’s core truth lies…in this competing between individuals for the promise of an even greater reward and personal growth.

So why do alot of people hate other people who love to compete? Think about it…human beings these days are becoming a little more lazy than usual. We’re beginning to forget that even if we choose not to compete, nature doesn’t ever stop. It’s part of us whether we like to believe it or not. But when we stop because we think we’ve done our best…would you like it when someone formally less skilled than you proceeds to shuck you in the corner and surpass your abilities? Often enough we have grown too complacent with our positions to just pick ouselves up and go back into that neverending fight for being better. So what else can we do…hate? That seems to be one of the most human actions yet…

So where does that leave me with my dilemma? I have no idea. Maybe I can proceed to start hallucinating Aztec Monkey Gods. Who knows…they might actually provide me with good advice on how to sleep and study at the same time. Or maybe I can put the book under my pillow…maybe I COULD absorb knowledge into my head by facillitated diffusion (or was it active transport?) like what the American Psychic Edgar Cycee supposedly did as a kid.

Yeah well…doesn’t matter though. No knowledge out of reach, no dream too high. All I have to do is survive the long crawl through the ditch and come out the otherside all clean and dry. Smile Smile…it’s going to be another day…:)

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