The Better Fight…

Last night I was talking to Mei about the culture I think. Well…it started off with how the Orang Asli (Malaysian Aborigines) were being denied the right to be involved in their own desicion making process such as relocation and how they are assimilating the negative aspects of civilisation because they are constantly misunderstood by us in general. Then we were talking about how the corporations patent gene sequences in order to market it as a product which in turn hurts small time farmers and poor nations.

Anyway it was a long discussion.

The point to all this that got me thinking is that when you hear things like this, you can either choose to do one of these three things:

1. Not care about any of it because it doesn’t concern you.
2. Care about it but resign to the fact you can’t do anything about it.
3. Care about it and do something about it.

Unfortunately, alot of us are kinda stuck with options 1 and 2 whether we like it or not. Yes…complaining about it loudly also fits into the second option because being visually emotional about it wouldn’t do so much as to alter reality as you know it. So I’m going to talk about the hardest option which is doing something about it.

When you think about it, most people have got to either be pretty idealistic about life or they have got nothing better to do in life. But let’s stick to the idealistic among us. Fine…I admit, I’m an idealist. I have all these ideas in my head of a perfect world I know I’m not living in.

That doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything about it.

Yes…everyone likes a realist or a pessimist. “It won’t work.” Wow! “Dreams don’t come true in real life.” That’s so true! Yeah…everyone likes to believe what can’t work before they believe it is possible, but that’s another story. The point is dreams and ideas are what builds futures. It is those desires to build our perfect little worlds that pushes us to do the things we do. If we continuously beat those dreams down with our fears and our doubts…what right do we have to complain about a world we do nothing to change?

Yes I know sometimes dreams don’t come true. But…SOMETIMES dreams don’t come true…chances are some of my dreams do come true. Every bit that helps what we all want…a world where we all free of the prejudice, the hate, the chains and the hypocrisy that has corrupted our perfect worlds. I know failure when I see it…but I know even failures have their own sense of purity.

The trick is not to lose focus on it.

We all have our ideas of the world we want to live in. For some people its to be active in the things that are supposed to be noble (e.g. go against the current system) like the countless non-profit activist organisations out there whom every once in a while rattle the public with demonstrations and on occasion…a public egging.

I don’t know…for me I rather not fight against the system people have already put up around us. Clashing against that system to me would be foolhardy and unless you’re a truly noble and honorable person, martyrs are often forgotten and their legacy twisted over the course of time.

That’s the sad truth.

No…I don’t suppose I have any sense of nobility let alone wish to be a martyr for a cause I know to be a long and tiring uphill battle. It think it kinda stops the dream dead when you get killed in the first wave of onslaught. No…I rather build a world from the ground up. I rather build something learnt from the mistakes and lessons of the past…not put a foundation OVER the mistakes of the past.

I rather strip the fabric of our reality bare and put together the building blocks of all that we wanted, all that we needed and build from it the towering might of our species’ existence.

Just that first…I’ve got to learn how to do it.

Which is exactly what I am doing.

So for now…all those ideas, all those frustrations, all those disappointments, all those failures. They only mark a testament to why we should keep trying to achieve all those dreams…all those ideas of the world we so want to live in. Whether fairy tale or a fantastic universe, none of you should ever let your dreams die. No one should ever stop believing that you can change the world.

No one should ever stop trying to make the world a better place.

Every bit up the hill helps change things.

Every dream is worth that.

If not…it sure beats hearing people complaining about it.

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