The Birth Of Hope…

We all wish for some things in our lifetime. We all wish for what we always desired, what we never had and what we want in the end. We all wish for alot of things. Money, love, happiness, peace…although…not necessarily in that order. But it’s still a wish anyway. You can’t begin to live life with if you haven’t wished for something before.

That’s where it starts really.

The point in your life where you start living.

Even if you don’t feel like you’re living. Even if you don’t even feel at all. There is no greater drive and push towards the things you desire the most than the simple wish for it to happen. Maybe that is the essence of living in itself. The desire to hold in your hand something you wanted. Something that you never had.

Something that would push you to do everything in your power to attain what you desire. Something that started from wishing it would all be right.

The birth of hope.

That’s what wishes are for.

We don’t wish for something we at least believe we can get. It has always been that way. Even if we don’t believe that wishes come true…at least in some part of us we have some small infantile shred of hope that it would happen. That we want it to happen. Otherwise why would we wish for it in the first place?

To wish is to hope.

To hope is to have to will to push on.

Many give up simply because they do not have the will to keep going. Many give up because they do not see any hope. Many give up because they do not believe in what they want. They do not truly wish what they want. But from a wish can the will of fire be forged. From a wish to be something, to want something, to attain that which you do not have…can hope and determination come out of it.

Sometimes none of us can know for sure what keeps up together or what drives us to great lengths to persue that which seems impossible. Maybe this is the reason. Maybe this is the reason why some of us can fly higher than most. Why some of us can swim deeper than most. Why some of us can go further than most.

Because they wish for something.

Deep in their heart.

They wish for something they want and never had.

And they are doing everything in their power to get it.

I wish for something.

I hope for something.

And I’d damn myself to hell if it meant having what I want in the end.

That is why I will never stop.

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