The Bittersweet Taste

To anyone that has ever tasted chocolate, Bittersweet isn’t as bad as one might think. Surprisingly enough…this applies to life too. I mean, you can have the bad situations in your life time and time again, often cursing about it, then realising that it had a purpose…that it actually did you some good in the end. Well the reason why I’m talking about this is that my girlfriend who cares about me (though sometimes I seem NOT to see it), wants me to go cold turkey on my online life. As a stubborn pig I am and the fact that half of my social life revolves around being online. I just can’t give it up. It’s like a part of me.

Of course, the things we do for love. As much as I hate to admit it, it’s a good thing, I mean not to go cold turkey…shucks to that. But at least to slow down some of my online life. Who knows, I might actually study a little more, as if I don’t study enough. But this is just a small example I think. I mean, I’ve met many people out there that in the course of their lives have endured unspeakable torment, yet they used it to turn their life around into something worthwhile…using their experience for something good in their lives. It’s one of those great survivor stories you rarely see…but it happens alot.

Come to think of it…alot of these people are people I meet online. Hmmmm…maybe I should rethink this “slow-down-online-life” thing. No…I…must…follow…her…words!! Must…be…strong!! Must…have…bitterswet…chocolate!! Mmmmm…Chocolate.

Tell you what…I’ll go have my chocolate now…and maybe instead of getting my answers in a dream, I’ll get an inspiration on a sugar rush. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Mmmm…sugar rush.

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