The Bleeding Trail…

Old wounds never go away do they. They always leave scars behind. You think they are gone, but everytime you touch them, everytime you feel them or anything. They are always there, they have always been there and will always be there. Be there to bring back the memories of past pain and hurt. You know what the worst thing is?

It will always hurt.

We all got our own scars, some of us hide it well…some of us bear it all like nice big he-men. But its there whether we want it to be or not and there is nothing we can do to erase it. Well…at least not completely. I guess that’s what scars are for, they are there to serve as a reminder of things long past. Things that we bled from, things that hurt us bad. Quick to hurt, slow to heal.

That’s what scars are for.

I’ve got my own scars, you know I do. You know me well enough to know I don’t hide mine…oh you know I hide it…just not good enough. I tried looking away from them, I tried removing them (we all know that makes things worse), I tried everything just so I don’t have to remember what went behind those scars. But I can’t. Because everytime someone else hurts, someone else bleeds…the scars are what reminds me of what happens when you’re too slow to avoid the bullet, or when you don’t dress the wound in time.

The scars are there to stop others from bleeding.

I don’t want to see other bleed, not the way I did. I could never stand there and watch as people bled in tears and asked why to a Being that gives answers few can understand. Never again could I stand by and watch. Never again will I let them bleed the way I did.

Never again.

It hurts less you know. It hurts less when there is one less person bleeding. It hurts less when there is one less person without a scar. It hurts less when you’re there beside me, there to remind me that the past can’t hurt me anymore. There to show me that there is a future worth fighting for. Just being there.

The scars will eventually heal…faded but never forgotten. It’s the way its supposed to be. Never to be forgotten.

God have mercy if we ever forgot our scars.

God forgive us if we ever do.

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