The Christmas Wish List

WOOHOO!! My Finals are DONE and GONE!! Well…there will always be the next semester…but they are DONE for this one!! Ahh…I feel so relieved…but there is always results to contend with…and with only 2 weeks till it comes out again, that’s going to give me quite a small breathing room. But it doesn’t matter…what matters is I did the best I could and if people think otherwise, screw them. The only person I’m comparing this to is myself. I’ll be the judge of me.

But enough of that. This is a time I actually get to relax from college…aside from Student Council stuff that for some reason I HAVE to do. Christmas is around the corner…and gifts are all round. I almost forgot my Christmas wish list…not that I would get any of them anyway, but its almost always customary to at least have something to wish for. Here is my little Christmas wish list.

Edrei’s Christmas Wish List
1. Milee to be happy for as long as she lives.
2. Goodwill and understanding among all the people in the world.
3. To find a true friend I can count on to be there for me dispite my eccentricities.
4. To understand and fufill my role in the grand scheme of things
5. The rest of my Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series from book 7 onwards.
6. A hand forged carbon-steel alloy Katana.
7. Twin semi-auto .50 calliber Desert Eagles with modified extended barrels (or at least realistic replicas of them).
8. My soul back.
9. An IPod or a Creative Zen Nomad
10. A Parrot in a Palm Tree.

Let it be known that alot of these things I’ve wished for before, but Santa keeps forgetting to grant me them. I didn’t even get underwear…come on…which side am I on really? Is happiness for other people too much to ask? Is a parrot in a palm tree that hard to get (rethorical question, no such thing exists on the north pole)? Well…its been a long day and I like to have a nice loooong sleep.

So here’s hoping forat least some of those gifts to come true for another time round. Don’t mess that order up Santa…or I might pull a Calvin on you…

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