The Cog And The Wheel…

Have you ever wondered what’s out there for you? Or walked the metaphorical circle in your life trying to figure out your place in the world only to end up walking full circle and feeling that you’ve gone nowhere in life? Or just looked up at the heavens in a dark sky so full of the stars that burn in it’s twilight and echoed the question passed through the generations from moment we realised it.

Who am I?

Throughout my life, I’ve lived a part enough to begin searching for the answers to that question. Like any other people who went through this age, there were the times of joy, there were the periods of sadness and in the end, there was just the gaping hole where there was no meaning…no purpose so to speak.

For a time, I had to be the monster to survive the desolate plains of existance.

But only for a time.

As I said, there comes a time in our lives where we walk as far as we can go only to end up trailing off where we started. We are lost because of that. Lost in the aimless sea of possibilities without knowing who we are or what we’re here for. But maybe who we are or what we’re supposed to do is right there at the beginning.

We start at the end and we finish at the beginning.

We end up exactly where we are because that’s the role we’re supposed to play. Whatever you have done or will eventually do in your life is exactly what you were meant to do. As chaotic or as random as it may seem. Maybe you have touched the lives of those that came to pass. Maybe you have altered the fate and destiny of a person set to change a life of another. Maybe in the end you came out with more meaning in your life than you realised but just didn’t know about it.

Well…I don’t know.

Maybe I’ve got it all worked out. Just another cog in the machine of life going round and round affecting me and those around me and being affected in the same way. I’m as universally important as the environment and conditions around me so as I choose to move around in that wheel…my significance changes over time for better or for worse. So maybe as I move along, as I begin to understand the places and conditions where I play the most significance. I become aware off my meaning to the machine of life and keep moving until I might play a hub or a nexus for all other cogs and wheels around me.

So yeah…if you actually understod that. Then I wish you luck in you finding your place in the machine of life. You may come full circle before you know and come out knowing more than you thought you did…and the meaning will give you something to look foward to for the rest of your life.

If you got a headache from it. There is nothing I can do but recommend some rest.

In the end, as much as we play and are played. Where we go from where we stand is still our choice. We can choose to be bitter and spiteful, thankful and content or restless and adventurous to whatever and whoever life throws at us creating new places, new environment and new conditions to walk in. It all depends on how far you choose to go.

What comes next however.

That’s just how your wheel turns.

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