The Dancing Tummy…

Just one more day to go and prom is as good as over. No more designing, no more scanning, no more printing, no more deadlines involving something artsy. By this time, they SHOULD really give me an honourary degree in Graphical Advertising. Maybe I should take my friend’s advice and create one of my own…it can’t be that hard. They did do it once before on The Screen Savers…or was that Call for Help?

I guess proms shouldn’t matter much to me, I’ve been to quite a few already and all of them are basically the same, food, friends and a dance. Just that this time, it’s much more meaningful. I have the girl I love by my side all through the night…well…hopefully that is, she still hasn’t really comfirmed yet. It’s kinda last minute on this one…but it’s what a prom should be, to spend the night with the person you love as your date by your side. What can I say…I’m still the romantic at heart I guess. Christ man…I’m acting like some freshmen going to a senior prom. Must get a grip on myself.

Hmmm…though the catch is…I never really planned what I’m going to wear anyway. How the hell am I going to find a black vest and a silver tie in one day? Crap…I don’t mind wearing what I always wear on occassions like this, my all black attire. But at least I want to look spiffy for that night. Go figure.

But what I worry now is that this sore throat of mine doesn’t seem to be letting up since yesterday. It’s really been bugging me. I don’t know whether I’m just being a hypochondriac or its really for real but as I’m typing this now, my tummy is doing the mexican hat dance with steel boot and I seem to have developed a stupidly dry cough. Definitely not a pleasent feeling.

Ooooh…this is definitely not funny at all.

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