The Double Ended Vengence

Vengence is one of the ultimate double edged blades around. Sometimes it just hits you when you’re not looking, and when it does…it can hurt you really bad. I’m talking about this because as a person used to dishing out revenge…I overlooked the fact that I can get hit by one as well. Remember a few days ago, when I said I had this problem caused by my stupidity? Well, Karmic law suggests that I pay the price of my own stupidity. So by that natural law…something I hate most coems back and slaps me in the face. No I won’t divulge the details…but the feelings.

Well first, no doubt angry…then disappointed then somewhat down and worried. Of course I don’t show it much…alot of my feelings are controled. But of course, I kinda had to divulge some information to my friend, who shows just as much wisdom as any wise person. He told me this in a nutshell “You kinda deserved what you did, in a way…you too have no right to be angry just as she had no right to feel that betrayed. What matters what you do now…not to be childish, but accept what you have done and move on to be a better person.” Maybe I’m embelishing his words a bit, but I swear that’s what he meant.

So here I am, forgiving but not forgetting the entire thing. I got to learn that for every action I take…there are always concenquences, some of which won’t be under my control all the time. Yup…as they say, “You live, you learn“. All things given, I can always take this to help others who face the same thing. Which all things considered…is a great thing to do.

But enough of that for now. Did I mention how much I love CSI? It’s one of those shows which really bring out medical science and good ol’ detective sleuthing. Kinda like every Nerd’s dream. Just watched one of the Third Season’s episodes just now…one particular phrase that Gill Grissom said at the end of the show that comes to mind…maybe as a warning to some of us.

I don’t believe in Luck. My life is dedicated to the interpreting the facts and evidance and making sure that I’m smarter than the criminals that are out there. But it disturbs me to think that this killer that’s out there right now…is smarter than me.

In this mellow state, it kinda got me thinking…what if there is an opposite of me right out there. As smart as me, but with completely opposite goals. To ruin life. Wow, now that would be an arch enemy worth fighting against. Hmmm…I’ve got to stop watching too much movies. But…you think about it. What if there was a peson as smart as you or smarter…who’s goals are exactly opposite to yours. How would YOU react if ever you were to meet such a character in real life?

Creepy ain’t it?

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