The Expendable Cage…

Imagine yourself trapped in a small cell. Imagine yourself looking only at the outside world through the top. Imagine yourself being fed and kept clean constantly throughout the day. Imagine yourself free to go ahead doing your usual business in your small little cell.

Now imagine suddenly being prodded, poked and violated throughout your stay in the cell. Imagine having being sedated, cut and changed throughout your life. Imagine having a giant ear growing out from your back or being in a agressive frenzy because someone made you that way.

I imagine you won’t like it one bit huh?

I’ve been in my line for so long, that I forgot sometimes the first line of making what we find and apply a reality, some things must take the brunt of our possible mistakes. You take the flies, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, monkeys and other animals out there that are involved in experiments and alot of people find that really offensive. Then again…for those of us who are in the business of it, does it make us any less human if we don’t find it disturbing to us…even justifying its use?

It’s no secret, I’m in the line which can be summerised into one sentence.

Play God and get paid.

We are the stuff that make up legends and the many myths of a mad scientist. We are people who look into the smallest parts of who you are and from it be able to change who and what you will ever be. We already know the many triggers that make up your emotional state, the complex neurochemical pathways that make you happy, sad, scared, courageous and so on. We are able to rebuild your organs from scratch from fragments of your own damaged and diseased organs.

We have the last say between life and death.

So what about those that help us understand ourselves better? What about the many animals that in some way contribute to the events that save our lives? Do we overlook them as well? Do we stop such an act altogether because we appear to be hurting them?

Does the end justify those means?

Me? I’m all for it. I know what is involved…after all…I did ask you to imagine what you would feel like being the rat in the cage right? But the thing is, a way to put things into perspective is that we’re all rats in the cage in some way or another. We go about our daily business in a round blue cage seeing the universe only through the top of the world.

Yet again, we are contantly tried and tested and being scrutinized by forces internally and externally that we can’t imagine for reasons we can’t begin to understand. We go through endless cycles of routine and constant suffering and joy which violates the deepest regions of our mind and souls and changes us in ways we cannot see until it is too late.

It doesnt make a difference whether it be rats in a cage or humans on earth. We are all someone’s experiment. We are all someone’s expendable claim to whether they are right or wrong. It doesn’t make it any less morally right, but it doesn’t make it ethically wrong either.

Depending on how you look at it, or what you’re trying to achieve, sometimes it pays to have something expendable. Sometimes you’re doing something that makes whatever little deaths not be in vain. Sometimes the end does in fact justify the means. So yeah…if you asked me to be in the same position as the rats then I would tell you one thing…I’m already the rat in the cage, unless you have a pretty good reason for me being prodded and altered.

Don’t bother going any further.

As for the rats we worked on today…well…aside from the needles and them being groggy and most probably with a splitting headache when they wake up, I’m told that they’ll be fine.

But then again…that was something small.

When the push comes to a shove.

It may be a different story.

Just that I would probably have a very very good reason for it.

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