The Expensive Hobby

This is still on the topic of helping people. The thing is…how come I don’t have a vacation? I mean…even God rested on the 7th day. Can’t I have a break from helping people? I mean is it too much to ask for 1-2 days a week to my girlfriend and myself? But no, problems tend to follow me around. When I do take a nice break to spend quality time to myself, the system goes to hell (for those of you that know what I’m talking about, you know who you are and I’m sorry for not being there). If it doesn’t…my private life goes to hell dragging me with it. What kinda payment is that? Who the heck put me in charge of handling this side of reality and forgot to tell me about it?

Somethimes I have to admit it does get a but too tedious…for a hobby. Yes it relaxes me, but after a while…it becomes a bit too routine. You get mostly the same problems day in and day out and you kinda get tired of saying the same thing. It’s just recently I had the pleasure of complex cases which crack my noodle. One I have NEVER experienced before (you know who you are because I told you that it’s new to me), the other one I feel tingly from adrenaline rush because it’s always a dangerous task to handle. So it can’t all be a good thing…but sometimes I wish that I can have some time off to myself. Hey…you can’t blame me for wanting some rest every once in a while. We’re not all workhorses you know…:)

On other recent events…I’ve just finished watching the Championship Finals of Discovery Channel’s Full Metal Challenge. For the people who don’t know (shame shame). It’s a compatition where 27 teams from 18 countries are given 2000 British Pounds and 30 days to build the Ultimate Endurance Vehicle which weights less than 3 tonnes. It’s put through all sorts of compatitions like using their vehicles to bowl over 10 foot tall bowling pins to chest deep in stinking swamp trying to beat the clock to the grandaddy of all compatitions, Car Sumo.

Man oh man…it was the sweetest thing to see all that ingenuity at work. From modified armoured tanks to souped up lawnmowers. In the end it was the British team and their Two Engine, 8 wheel drive monster called the Octopush that wouldn’t have won any beauty contest that took the first place.

This got me all rushed up for our Off-Road Buggy project my friends and I are working on. Three of us are building this Off-Road/Sand Dune Racer for fun (because we got inspired from another Discovery Channel special Junkyard Wars). But it’s a bit side tracked at the moment because all 3 of us are studying and we don’t have much time to work on the project except on weekends. Since we’re mostly funding this our own…it’s slow to get equipment as well. But this got me all worked up to get started back again. It’s almost finished anyway. All we need now is a little ingenuity and alot of work. So…I’d better get cracking.

Maybe when I get my other website done, I’d post the pictures of that little project. Hmmm…that’s an idea worth looking into.

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