The Eye…

I was taking the bus earlier today after seeing Milee off to Kuantan for her to play her part and vote. As I was going past all the election banners and something just hit me. Its not that I’m supporting or against anyone here, but I just have to say it. Has anyone realised that the Keadilan insignia for some reason resembles The Eye of Sauron? I don’t know…I just realised it…maybe other people have too. But hell…it’s just a realisation, nothing to do with anything else.

Eye aside, sometimes I wonder what kind of legacy I will leave behind. Suicide seems to be the topic of the day today for some reason. You know my stand on suicide anway. I say anyone has the right to choose when they should die just make sure your decomposing corpse is not blocking my driveway. But think about this, for those people who do try and kill myself…it’s for what? I get the “I can’t take the life the world tosses at me!” bit…I really do. Hell…I’ve been there before. I know people who’ve been there before.

When the life that you thought you had falls around you, we’re only human right? We love to take the easy way out of things. That’s the winning solution…so we think. But then again…what kind of legacy are we leaving behind? So you’re dead…you won’t care. Yeah…it works when you’re the only person in the world. Thing is…they are 6 billion people and some part of that revolves around everyone else, including yourself. The one thing about life that no one ever sees because everyone is too self centered to realise is that what you do any time, any where affects someone else some where.

It’s the web of human interaction. It affects you, then directly affects another which in turn affects others around it. The significance of it diminishes with each tier of association. So the larger the impact then more people it can impact…for better or worse.

But death is a funny thing. When we die, all that remains is our legacy we leave behind. The significance of what we did to other people. It’s the show of hands for what we did in our lives. So if we choose to end it by our own hands…is that the last legacy we want to be remembered as? I mean…say you’re 25 years young and something bad happened enough for you to be suicidal…if you end your life there on the account that you haven’t measured up to anything…here’s the scoop…YOU STILL GOT A LONG TIME MORE TO DO OTHER THINGS!!

Gee whiz…some people just give up too easily. Come on…they are people who’ve lost a lot more than just their other, their job or their dignity. Yet they rise above it all, even if they have to claw their way up whatever abyss they were in. They reshape their own future and legacy for as long as they are alive. They make the effort to stop being victims of circumstance but the masters of their destiny. That’s the entire point of keeping alive. Alive you can do something about it which isn’t much to say when you’re already six feet under.

No one said life was easy, but no one said death would be the easy solution either. No one knows for as long as we live what may happen…but that’s to say the same for death too. So either way it’s one big unknown. Except for this…we DO know what we can do with our OWN lives for as long as we draw breath. Anything can happen to us…not just the bad. But it’s what we do with what we go through that shapes our future…but only if we stay alive to make it happen. That’s what matters.

I wonder what my legacy would be? Let’s find out shall we…?

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