The Family Man…

What happens when men start thinking about commitment and settling down? What happens when a man starts thinking about having a family? Not just any family…but THE family. The kind where your wife prods and pecks you everyday. The kind where you have a sullen son who’s 14 going 40. The kind where your sweet daughter is going out on a date and you’re wondering if virginity is a wasted issue on her.

Boy that something to look foward to.

I’ll bet you half the women on the planet would be swooning over that guy. A quarter would doubt that this guy is for real. The last quarter would be wishing they could leave their wayward husbands for this guy. Can’t blame them anyway. For the most part it’s scary by itself when a guy wishes he could have that. But I can tell you something even more scary.

A sociopath wanting that.

I mean…would sociopaths want that life? They are still human too. It’s rare to even meet a true sociopath. Every psycho of every flavour has to stash some form of emotion somewhere. So…yeah…I think sociopaths can wish for a family…even the ones with picket fences, a wife, 2.5 kids and dogs which go by the name peeka and boo.

Maybe not 2.5 kids…or even dogs which go by the name peeka and boo (which is still cute names by the way)…but just a family. One that you can love and hold. One where your wife goes to work with you everyday. Where you surprise her by giving her a shoulder rub and end up making love on the lab table. A family where you take your kids to the fun fair and get cotton candy stuck in your hair. Where you can miss tucking your kids in at night because they all grown up.

A family where your kids poke fun at you when you start telling them how much trouble and fun your wife and you went through to get to where you are now. A kind of family where you sit by the balcony hammock at night under the stars with your wife hand in hand thanking whatever higher power up there that sent her into you life all those years ago. A family where you won’t love then for the rest of their lives…

But love them for the rest of your life.

What would happen when a man wishes that? I guess the same thing when a man wishes anything. To do what it takes make it happen…even if a few peices elbow skin is going to peel off after that. Men may be dense as lead…but when they realise something good for them (or rather IF they realise), they’ll never let it go..even if it is for the rest of their lives.

You know what?

It’s good for me…

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