The First Post Ever…

Well, there we have it. This is more like a test than anything else. I’ve seen blogs before, but I’ve never done one myself. It’s hard to put something down when you’ve got nothing to put down. It’s funny how you spend alot of your life inspiring people to become the best that they can be, but when it comes to yourself…you have absolutely no idea how to even get your butt off the bed and do something. Who knows…maybe it’ll come to me while I’m halfway dozing in my calculus class today. Or maybe it’ll come to me in my dreams.

Right now however, I’m having problems with Sarah who happens to be my dear PC. Some windows runtime error that kinda screw up the stability of everything. Worse yet is I don’t know yet how to make her better. Talk about bad timing. Maybe the solution come to me in a dream too.

Good lord, I’ve got to stop dreaming so much.

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