The Fork And The Road…

Have you ever stood up from the road you walk on and looked the the other paths of possibilities that litter the winding way ahead? Have you wondered about the minute tweaks in the events of your life that gave you a new road to walk on…a new destiny to choose from? Have you ever looked back on the road taken and regretted or feared the choices that have been or could have been?

I know I have.

It’s hard to imagine that sometimes the smallest things in your life can mean so much to the course of your future. A sight for sore eyes, a breath of fresh air, a carress of twilight, an explosion of sweet and sour or a drop of water. We often overlook the most insignificant things in our lives which end up becoming the turning point to something bigger. The scariest part is that when you look at it from above.

Sometimes they mean the difference between success and failure.

When I look back at the many things that forever changed my life the bulk of it isn’t the deaths I have endured, the failure I have to live through or even the love that I hold dear. When you boil it down to the beginning, it was the opinion you gave, the branch that held me, the smell of burning wood, the sight of a blade, the scratch I made, the songs played on the radio, the random trinklets passed at the shops.

They all were a turning points in my life.

For better or for worse. They are the “what if’s” I ask myself. Would I be the person I am now? If I looked left instead of right would my future be any different? If I hadn’t come to class that day, could futures be rewritten?

It’s easy to imagine an endless branch of choices in the road ahead of you. An endless mass of roads within roads within roads with each lane interlocking into each other in a pattern that makes completely no sense to the naked eye. Yeah it’s easy to see that living mass of branches.

It’s harder to choose a life out of it.

But in the end…we do make a life out of it. Maybe not the ones of our own making, but we eventually draw ourselves the roads we walk in. Half the time we never notice the multitudes of forks in our path and just get on with out lives regardless. Maybe that’s good enough for most people, but it was never the case for me.

So yeah…for as long as I live I will look out for those little things we often miss. Finding out where those branches may lead or what I might have missed in my life. It doesn’t take much to enjoy or hate the big things in life.

But it means something to understand the little things that go by you.

So next time, when you’re living it by another day. Just pay attention to the the pebbles on the road.

Sometimes they just might surprise you.

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