The Fragile Mind

Finally that the system is back on, that was a long haul. Anyway…April Fools day turned out to be a disappointing day. I mean, it’s pretty nice where all days go. But as a day where we play malicious tricks, either people have lost their deviousness or people have become bad actors. Both needless to say is a bad thing. Anyway, speak for myself…even I didn’t pull of anything special. Just the usual, shoelace tied/untied, zipper down, bug somewhere around, and the usual classics. Nothing really unique…like replacing the lab chemicals tags or hanging a Skull and Crossbones flag outside. The score is a measly 12-3. Sad case this year.

Stress kinda caught me off guard too. It’s starting to affect my emotions, which is a VERY VERY bad thing. I can’t afford to lose control of my emotions in any case or disasterous results might ensue. What I need now is to calm down…at least find some good way to relax, release any tension in me. With my exams drawing close, I need that more than ever otherwise say goobye to concentration. I think I need to go up the hill nearby my house. It’s a short distance, and good for a brisk walking. The plus side the view is great cause I can look down on a large part of my neighbourhood. Which gives me a place to meditate and reflect on my life (I used to do this last time, but I got too busy with other projects and stopped going).

I guess it’s time I start reflecting my life again. Look into what matters and whether my goals have changed. Only by that I have complete control over my life. At least I won’t start snapping at people at the end of the day (which I have been doing…sorry for that to those whom I did). Now I’ve got to head up to class. I’ve got Algebra in about 10 minutes or so and I guess I’ll start reflecting there…seeing sometimes my mind kinda blanks out in class.

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