The Good Death…

I was watching the Last Samurai today. Not unusual for me to be doing so considering I have always been a student of the Bushido. But somehow today…it just seems…fitting that I watched this movie on this particular day.

For some reason, the weather felt…calming. You know that feeling whereby you’re standing at the top of the mountain, arms outstretched, with the breeze in your face and the wind in your hair? That’s how I felt today. As if at any moment I could close my eyes and be at peace with myself without fear, without any trouble of the world. It felt like the Zen concept of “No-Mind” where there is no thought, no feeling except what you intended to do at that moment in time.

Why does the Samurai Code appeal to me so much? Maybe because its an ideal where battles are something to be respected not feared. People today have grown weak with too much talk of peace and where death is something to be feared. Fear makes people stupid, makes them cower under false pretenses and fake smiles. When did our lives become nothing more than a charade of lies and half-truths?

The concept of Honour, Duty, Courage and Compassion just appeals to me that’s all because its something that I think the world in general lacks. I just miss the days when people actually fought for something more than themselves. When people didn’t give a damn about whatever crap they were in and still stood and fought for what they believed in.

These are the people who should be looked up upon, it doesn’t matter whether they were on the losing side. Hell…they probably KNOW that they are on the loosing side. It mattered that they did their duty with the compassion and fierceness that any soldier should have. It’s the same spirit that very few people today actually have…and is saddens me a great lot for that loss.

I could go on and on about the Bushido, but would it make a difference to the world? No…I’m just one man on my own road. They will come a time when people will fight with honour, duty and compassion again. It will not be anytime soon…but it will come.

Courage, Compassion, Duty, Honour.

Oh how I wish these words echo in the minds of the many today.

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