The Good Hope…

It’s funny how things begin to work themselves out in the end. The storm is beginning to wane and things are slipping to their usual routine. Sure enough after every storm, there will be some mess somewhere, but then…as expected of people living in storm-swept regions, only thing you can do is to pick up the pieces and rebuild what was damaged, preferbly into something stronger and better than what was damaged.

You know what that takes a person to endure things like that over and over again and not come crumbling down but get better? Three words…a stubborn ass. Ok…aside from being a stubborn ass. Persistance? Wait, that’s still being a stubborn ass. I don’t know…hope maybe? Yeah…maybe it is hope. Or…at least think it’s hope.

Hope…the one thing that keeps a thirsty man crawling towards a farway oasis. Hope…the thing that keeps an man sane in the face of cruel and unusual punishment. Hope…the double edge sword that can savagely rend faith from a person’s soul. Hope…the only explaination to why I’m repeating this word so much until I’m losing track and meaning of how many times I’ve said it.

Right now hope is what keeps me alive…what keeps me going and living life. People say don’t keep my hopes up because it’ll only lead to disappointment. I say without hope…I can survive alright, but would I live to see my dreams come true? Without hope, would I pick up the pieces of my mistakes, the shreds of my dignity and fragments of my dreams and shape them into something I call my own…call myself?

Maybe I am living in the dreamworld. Maybe I am waiting for the perverbial stone to drop on my head. Maybe I’m just the dying man in the dessert, walking towards the mirage with the vultures circling overhead. Thing is…that doesn’t explain the successes of others. The ones where the lame can walk, the mute can speak and the blind can see. The simples ones where seemingly ordinary people get what they fight for, what they are willing to die for.

If that’s the dreamworld…I sure as hell can make what I dream cause I’m living in that world…so is everyone else. Goes down to how much faith in yourself you have…and how much hope that there is a happy ending for you out there…even if it’s just the smallest possibility of it.

It just goes down to hope. Which I’m guessing I’m going to be needed soon. All’s calm before a storm… and something tells me that the calm is about to begin very soon…

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