The Good Return To Bad Things…

You know somewhere along the line that your day isn’t really off to a good start when you walk out the door on the way to work one minute later than usual and end up an hour late because you arrived at 3 bus stops in time to see your all your bus rides heading off into the distance.

Definitely one for the books to remember.

Then again…I should know better that when the day starts off bad, doesn’t mean that the entire day will be. It’s just that recently I’ve been knee deep in so much personal issues and problems, it’s hard to actually remember what a good day is supposed to start out with anymore.

I supposed it’s just a way of going back to old routines.

Some routines…I didn’t think I take back again.

If anything being free to be myself again comes back to doing what I do best which I talked about a few posts before. Because seriously…if I don’t do anything, what’s there left to do but the things you always do and do good in? So let’s see what I have been doing as of late?


Nothing comes to mind.

Then again…it would seem that the longest I have been offline at one time is 105 minutes twice a day. Which would mean that everything I have been doing and doing good at would be what I already have been doing and not thinking that it is something I’m good at.

Everyone with me so far?

Come to think of it, my days are punctuated with short online conversations with people whom I’ve talked for years and have yet to meet. My nights are dotted with the constant requests to help fix a blog or read up on what else I can do to improve this blog of mine. To round it off…it’s just hour after hour reading through people’s blogs while finishing of whatever articles I would be doing on that day.

Sad to say nothing much.

That IS that I do best when I’m not at the peak of thinking.

Though…hard to admit but going back to what I do best without the hassle of trying to make myself better in the things I’m not has in its way brought alot of good things in their own right. I know this is what I do best. It’s not a way to live but it’s a part of life for me. I don’t know whether some people are going to like me going back to my old habits.

But for me to keep going now.

It’s a needful thing.

It’s just another path along the road.

Another piece into an unused slot.

I’m sure you understand that don’t you?

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