the Grim Fandango…

He comes without warning. He comes without thought, without fear or doubt, without any emotion. He comes at any time, choosing anyone, whether man or woman, black or white, healthy or sick, rich or poor, without prejudice, without remorse. He is everywhere. He walks among the living, he converses among the dying. He is relentless and he will not rest until he has claimed what he came for…and he always gets what he wants.

He is death and he will come for you.

After a while, one way or another, you’re going to have to know death. Whether you lived through a person who has met him, or whether you have had a close brush with death himself. In whatever the case, its not really surprising to know that with a character such as death, we are humbled, frightened, respectful…changed in his presence. You can’t truly come out of the crucible quite the same after spending time in the presence of this angel.

Personally…I like death.

There have been those who have called me crazy. There are those that have called me a fatalist. Frankly I don’t see much of a difference between both. Anyone who likes death has got to be a few oars short of a rowboat. Then again…I have seen my fair share of death over the years. Grandparents, friends, friend’s friends and even my close brush with death. It has taken alot of me and I doubt I will have seen the last of death in my lifetime.

There will be a lot more blood to spill before my time is up.

At first alot of people will fear of him. Then most likely some of you grow to hate him. Then a few would probably be used to him. In the end…there will always be a small bunch who have grown to like his presence.

Maybe I’ve reflected on the deaths of the people I know and my own close call a little too much. Maybe I’ve seen something in that brief heartbeat hanging between life and death clinging on that ledge. Something that brought my life together and built something I could make sense of after all those years.

Maybe the purpose of living is to constantly challenge death

Think about it, you have people who are trapped in their daily 9 to 5 jobs working day in day out for something they don’t even like. For what? Whether you live to work or work to live, it still makes absolutely no difference. As long as you’re stuck there rotting away to earn money for your family and maybe just enough for one final bit to retire in before you see death. Think about it.

Is it really worth it?

Is it worth meeting the end without taking with you something for your own? Is it worth slaving away for something you don’t believe in only to leave not even a footprint on where you stand when he comes for you? If he were to ask you what you would treasure the most in this life…

Would you even know what to answer?

Maybe it’s those people who live for the kill, who live to challenge death that know what it really means to be alive. Soldiers who accept the fact that they are already dead stand fast in doing everything it takes to do what they were supposed to do. People who push their mind and body to the limits of human endurance feel no less alive in the rush that comes with it. People who understand what it means to die have a better appreciation of what it means to live.

So yeah…I do abide by that. I fight for what I want, I stand by at nothing to earn every inch, push every fabric I have to dance with death. Whether he comes and claim me today or 2 billion days from now, I’ll keep doing that killing dance, because death will always walk with me, with us…all of us until the time comes to be taken away.

When that happens…when he asks what I like best about life.

I’ll tell him it was to live it my way.

All the way through.

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