The Hard Choices…

What is it with movies that teaches us alot more than we think? I just watch “Swordfish” starring John Travolta and Hugh Jackman, and all I can say it’s a movie nothing short of superb…at least to me. The way the movie shows us that nothing is always what it seems and asks us the mind nagging question…Would you be willing to sacrifice the lives of a few innocents to make the world a better place or at least mantain the way of life that everyone is comfortable with?

Many people would answer no to that question very quickly, probably because to most people…life is sacred and no life should be wasted. But I ask…no life should be wasted…at the cost of a better future? I don’t know…for me, to make something happen…especially something very difficult to accomplish. A person must be willing to go all the way, do whatever it takes to get it done if the prize fits the price. I mean seriously no one expects you to rob a guy and kill him for say…a few hundred bucks. That’s overkill. Obviously when you say do anything to get it done, you use ALL the options not just the bad ones.

So the point here is to kill when it’s necessary to kill. It’s not that hard, after all it is our nature to kill. We just somehow forgot to follow the rules of nature when we digressed into our so called civillisation. Of course…not many actions actually call for killing aside for self defense. So…back to the original question asked, would you sacrifice the lives of the few to benefit the lives of the many? It’s not an easy question to answer…but it’s a very important one.

After all…it goes down to one last question…how much a person you think you are to make that kind of choice? When we decided that for ourselves, the answer comes naturally. Of course…hope for the sake of your soul that the answer doesn’t cost you your own sanity.

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