The Hard Solitary Resolve…

A new year and a new day at work. As expected, the phrase “that is so last year…” still has it’s humour around the tank with some of us pointing at everything around the office. But I suspect it’ll get real old real fast, but it doesn’t matter…after all…there is always next year to contend with that.

As always though…the new year isn’t without reflecting the things that matter the most in life and to me most likely plan out what I can do to finish off my resolutions, the most difficult of which would be the the 8th. It’s hard enough to juggle a propective career which hangs on the balance of your own meager grades.

It’s harder to win back a relationship that passed by before.

But that’s the way it’s supposed to be and the way it shall go from the looks of it. I haven’t had an uncompleted resolution in a long time and I don’t think I want to start having again. More so is that all of these goals for the year matter ALOT to me. Ok…save for the penguins but the rest do at least mean to me that whatever successes that will come would depend solely on how much effort I put in.

Not to mention how carefully I thread through this minefield of life.

So I’ve been thinking about it very very carefully. In pursuit of the woman I love and care for, some sacrifices have to be made for myself. Expecially that of patience, it’s not like I seem to have much of it…but I have to force myself to at least for her sake and for mine. Since I don’t have much people to watch my back in person as I wade through this mess.

There is only one way out of this.

Two words.

Blake Rules.

I cannot believe that I forgot the rules laid down by the character that I look up to the most. But yeah…that’s the only way I can finish this without actually dragging myself down to hell with it.

So the rule is simple. Concentrate on what matters most which is in surviving life. Even though love bleeds, never leave behind someone you care for and always finish what you started. She needs time…I can’t deny that. I have to give her that no matter what other personal scruples I might have or I’m going to lose her big time. I’m not saying it’ll be easy.

It’s just something I have to do and finish doing.

I’m just not sure i can do this alone.

But at least that’s a resolve to actually start with.

For better or worse.

It’s a start.

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