The Judgemental World…

All you wanted was to be acknowledged for who you are. All you wanted was to be understood for what you always did. All you needed was friend to be there for you. All you wanted was a someone to walk along with you through that winding road ahead.

Unfortunately the world isn’t that nice.

We live in a reality whereby our mouths are bigger than the two holes of our ears combined. What am I getting at? For one, people would rather talk than to listen to what you have to say. People would rather go on about their own lives regardless of what you’re doing or feeling. It’s a sad world when we all need someone to rely on.

And all we get it a deaf ear to our plight.

It’s not just the fact many a people would turn away from our own situations. Time and time again…the mouth is always bigger than the holes in your ears and out comes those who would show no sympathy…no mercy but to judge you under the pretense of something righteous and all good.

How do any of stand a chance to make out own lives?

We live in a world where nomalacy is the name of the game. Where teenagers in general build their lives around the fads that are governed by their peers. Where young adults are coddled into growing up with a face full of blind care or unreasonable apathy. Where middle aged adults walk the fine line between surviving and…barely living. Where old people stubborn cling on to traditions and are loud enough to enforce it.

This is a world that wants us to play its cards.

That discourages us anything different.

That promotes it’s own self annihilation.

This is a world which is governed by prejudices and misunderstanding. One that does not stop to just be there when you need people. Be there for the people. Be there to help people. In 5 million years, we have never changed. We walk under the false pretense that we are better than the nature that we evolved from, but the truth is, while the arena is different…the game still goes on.

It’s either we begin to take care of ourselves or we fall behind to be eaten up by life.

It has become a pointless cycle of normalacy and people looking in the same direction hoping and thinking that whatever they are doing will create their own utopic world. But everyone is looking in the same direction, everyone has been doing the same thing for God knows how long.

Is the world any different?

Hell no.

On the contrary it has become even worse.

So…why aren’t we changing?

Because society doesn’t let us. Any fragile thoughts of straying away from that path of constants is cut down by the rest of society because it is judged to be inappropiate or detrimental. Any acts that threaten the way of life we have today is suddenly bad because no one bothers to hear, see or do the things from any other perspective save the one that has been going on for ages.

I’m not sick of life.

I pity it.

So I do what I can do. Do what I know could work. Do what everyone else hasn’t been doing.

Just being there to understand.

Understand the hows and whys people do the things they do. Understand not everything the society says is bad is actually bad. Understand that everyone needs someone to hear them out…even if it’s for 5-10 minutes. Understand that we all have the right to pick the path of life we choose provided we are responsible for our own actions.

Understand that to live is to grow.

No one can do that if no one tries anything new.

So next time someone has something to say, something to cry about, something to whine or bitch about.

Put your judgements aside. Put your opinions aside and listen. Listen as an innocent child would listen, without scepticism, without doubt, without fear, without worry, without burden. Listen with as clean a slate as you could make yourself be.

It helps alot to be a shoulder to smile and understand.

It makes a difference to a life to listen.

it makes alot of difference.

One thought on “The Judgemental World…

  1. wow. i read this and totally agreed with everything.

    at this moment in time, i am doing something i absolutly love… public speaking. I am still a student, and competeting in these is pretty tough… but i’m doing a speech on how first impressions count… and how its a load of shit.
    you have inspired me to write so much more!!

    Thanks so much!!


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