The Killing Dance…

Ever had a day that meant something so good but for some reason words can’t seem to express it? Ever had a day where all you could do was to take it all and just smile? Well…we all have days like that. Days where seemingly meaningless acts of doing what has to be done be so…calming. Maybe it’s the routine, maybe it’s the company we keep. Maybe…it’s something else?

Still…having that secret smile can be aggravating. But as long as some people know…it’s good enough. I know I’m a secret loving bastard. You know I love hoarding secrets…like you don’t yourself. One thing’s good…having people who keep secrets around is fun when you want to tell…but prefer to leave clues and have people try and find it out for themselves. Yeah…it can downright piss people off. I know you do that…but yeah…half the fun is figuring out secrets. Or at least…getting it right in the end.

Maybe that’s why people love to be cryptic. Hell…this blog proves it. Many many blogs I know prove it. The ferocity in which people encrypt their personal life into public blogs is becoming a routine because…hell…sometimes we can’t be that much of an open book. People just don’t respond well to knowing things that they don’t have to know.

So what can you do really? Write your blog in gibberish (well…some people already do that)? Write it in a way only the people involved would know? Hide your blog from the reaches of every search engine on the net? it can be done either way…but unless you’re really in control…alot of us slip little clues and cracks in our attempt to hide all those news from the public. We all have a little show off in all of us anyway.

Which brings me to what I said just now, what about those of us who spend our time digging for information? Digging for those little things in life. Where secrets are our game whether we keep it or find it. It’s our trading arena, our bargaining chips. Oh I know you know things I don’t…I know you keep things…alot of things I should know about. But that’s just you isn’t it? Keeping secrets…you love leaving a trail of clues…leaving me in the dark with nothing but crumbs. I swear I’ll kill you for it…but not without finding what you hoard in the first place.

Then we’ll see what game we play then. Voyez qu’a quelle distance tous les deux nous peuvent le monter dehors.

Now I got to pack up for tomorrow. I’ve got a flight to Labuan to catch in the morning. God I wish they had Streamyx where I’m living. Oh well…if people can live with it…so can I…

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