The Last Straw…

You know…when your collegues have little respect or care for you or your personal items, you DEFINITELY know you’re in the wrong working environment no matter how much you like you job. It’s the level of trust and comfort in communication that you put into your work that makes it all the more worthwhile. Usually it’s to balance off. You have a good job and good pay…you’d probably endure the excessive stupidity of your co-workers. If you have a really bad job with lousy pay…but great co-workers…maybe you MIGHT stay and work.

But I highly doubt anyone’s going to work in a job that could kill you, with bad pay and constantly annoying collegues. That’s just plain stupid if not suicidal. Hell…even if I want to commit suicide, I think there is something that says you want a quick death, not slow torture.

That’s probably why all in all, after all this time, I’m finally going to quit the council. I know I know…you told me to quit before. I also know you THINK I won’t quit…which you proved half right when I decided to take up the offer that the new cabinet gave me (think about it…design and control over the council’s own website…how could I resist that?). You know why I’m saying you’re half right? Cause I’m still going to tender my resignation anyway…just a wee bit later than you thought I would be. The price for my mental and academic state is beginning to be too high a price to pay.

I don’t want to end it being on a lowly end of the stick. I didn’t want to put up with all the beaurocratic crap and political power plays. Hell…there was a reason why I wanted to run for presidency…to put a stop to inefficiency within the council. But no…its gotton worse. How the hell do you actually pick people that can’t even use Words to properly to do work again? And I’m not being biased against anyone taking music here but…the ones I’m dealing which makes up for the bulk of the Council this term…my God in heaven…you guys aren’t suited to doing the tasks you’re assigned to.

Is it SO hard to pick out people with special abilities that could actually BE some use to their position in the council? Is it so hard to interview a person taking Business to be the Treasurer or Mass Comm to be the PR Director or even people from IT who actually know how to use the computer well? Is it so hard to make use of your God given abilities rather than “Trying to bring out the qualities in you.” Christ man…think about it…by the time you accomplish that…they’d probably have to leave already.

But it was ok with me in the beginning. I had some faith that at least things are going to change. But you know as well as I do it’s not going to change isn’t it? The illusion is there, but there are enough new members that there isn’t going to be much of a difference to notice. Well I for one see it…if you don’t respect my opinions fine, if you don’t repect Sarah fine…but by God if you don’t even respect your own promises to keep. Then I draw the line there as to what kind of system you’re trying to run.

So I make it easy for everyone…if nothing seems like it’s changing…I’ll change what I can, then everyone can be happy. I’m tendering my resignation as UCSI Student Council’s Director of IT and Design effective this Monday.

I’m taking my life back piece by piece and that’s one of the best things I did all month…

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