The Long Long Journey…

After 10 hours of travelling from an hour Taxi ride to a 2 and half hour airplane fight to ANOTHER two and half hour ferry trip. I am now in the Federal Territory of Labuan, right here in the East Coast of Malaysia. It is my largely unknown Christmas hometown and my vacation refuge for certain parts of the year.

This place is the part of my life where family surprisingly is part of my priority. I mean for those who know me know that I don’t usually care about any family matters. So why only here in this place? What’s so special about it?

For starters I spent most of the earliest part of my childhood here. It was the first place I can call home after I was born. I played here in this house, I ran around naked after my bath here, I started to build my own imaginary world under the bed here, I fought and wrestled with my older cousins here, I played with my first childhood friend here. I…well I think you get the point now.

Nothing much has changed over the years anyway. Some rooms rearranged and rebuilt (it is a bungalo), it’s got 3 TV’s with 2 satellites channels for upstairs and downstairs…and oh…it’s got 8 younger cousins running through it. My aunt and uncle stay here with my grandad and raise their children here as well…so 8 people running around isn’t a pretty sight. To draw a better picture why it isn’t a pretty sight…here is one of the most frequently said words in the household.


The plus side is that well…the family bond here is strong. I can’t deny that. So since I come back once in a while…I like to at least savour what it’s like to be a family. Right now my cousins are lying on the bed…the older one tickling the younger one. Just now I played (and lost badly) badminton just for the hell of it. Tomorrow I’m going shopping for something GOOD to cook later on (my grandad was complaining of my mom’s cooking). You get the point.

This house may not have the proper means of connecting to the world and beyond (the dial-up here is really bad), but it’s got something the world could use to connect…the bond between one another.

Maybe this week long holiday won’t be so bad after all. If only my back could ease up on me…I’d actually move enough to enjoy it. Oh well…I’ve got all week to lie in bed anyway…and cousins to obey my every bidding…I’m such a nice relative…:)

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