The Long Social Calls…

So tired…so very tired. I don’t know if ever I had a social call on the scale I had today. I don’t even know if I ever spent so much money on social events as I did today (it’s ok, the movie was on me). Come to think of it…I don’t think I’ve ever been out with so many people on seperate occasions before.

This must be some sort of record for me.

Then again, I suppose it had to be done anyway. I suppose it was good to take my mind off things…even if for a short while. The only regrets I have is that she wasn’t there with me to laugh and crap around with. The only regrets that I have is that the day had to end over someone I actually enjoyed being with in quite a while.

The only regrets that I have is that I’m leaving too soon doing some things too late.

Though another thing is for certain.

It’s hard to maintain your boyish grin when every part of your body screams in pain.

But I’ve gotten better at pulling it off anyway. If anything, it does scare me how much pain I’ve been able to take in without showing it to other people. It does scare me how much better I’ve gotten in physically pushing my body to the absolute limit and just…smiling it away. But it’s something I need so much to keep going on.

It’s something whom I’ve learnt doing from the best.

Though…I think it’s safe to say I can lie down in sheer agony right about now because that’s what I’m half doing anyway. I doubt I have anyone in my room I can smile to anyway. So as my room is my refuge from the world beyond.

I think I better curl up now.

It’s been a physically painful day.

But I guess it was worth it.

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