The Lost And Found Point…

Why is it people condemn the bad things about others but never of themselves? Why is it we call the shots on petty things but never the main point? Why is it we impose our sense of morality unless it has a good effect on us? Could it be that it’s the easiest thing to do? To point out in others what we fear or are too blind to see in ourselves? Take the War on Iraq for instance. Not that I’m Anti or Pro anyone, it’s just that this is a war based on the fact people see the bad things in others, concentrate on petty things and give our sense of morality upon others…and I’m not just talking about the people who wage the war either.

No wonder people are depressed. They see bad everywhere they go. It’s enough to make you physically ill. I can understand how the kid in Sixth Sense felt seeing all those wandering spirits.

But on the lighter note. I might be getting a new Notebook soon. I was thinking, years ago, the PC’s were so freaking huge and have enough processing power. But now it’s like getting smaller by the minute. How much smaller can a PC get? I mean…come on, don’t tell me until we hear something like this on the news “This just in, a computer operator for the American Military sneezed causing the entire Defense Grid Network to fly out the window. The country is now being invaded by Aztec Warriors with Spears demanding blood sacrifice.” Then probably someone would go “Hmmm…maybe those new computers are too small, we’ll stop shrinking it right there.”

Or what about those new fangled ideas where your PC is plugged into your body. I don’t think I want to go too far there. Heck, I don’t want have to say where my hand goes at times. I sure don’t want people guessing where my keyboard or mouse would be plugged in.

Speaking of computers, Sarah needs her beauty sleep. So I think I’ll leave it at here. I wonder…where would all the output devices be pluged into the body if that were to ever happen. I shudder to think of it.

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