The Name Game…

What’s in a name? Something you use to refer to someone or something? Something we just do because we don’t want to refer to someone else as “Hey You” all the time (even though we still do). Something that’s full of mystical hokey pokey? Something cause we have nothing better to do? Or is it something that defines who and what we are?

I don’ t know…I like the “Hey You” theory, it makes more sense. I mean…why would anyone call another person “Hey You” all the time…unless their name is Hey You or something that sounds like it. Or maybe you call them “Hey” or “You There” instead. It doesn’t matter…it’s wierd to call people that all the time…not to mention plain rude. I would feel mighty embarressed if I forgot someone’s name and come on…the next time you decide to guess someone’s name you forgot…can you please make it a little more dignified? Don’t start calling him “Booger” or “Mordoc the Mighty“. Give him a little more face will ya?

So what’s in a name? The native american indians believe that names shape the very essance of our psyche. It makes who we are, hence the fact that names are selected to represent the nature of the warrior. Some cultures believe that names are so powerful that a person’s real name is kept secret and given to only those who they trust. Must be pretty hard keeping your name hidden like that…but I don’t suppose I would blame them. Hell if my name was Seymour Dick…I would WANT to keep my name a secret too.

But I like the idea that name are picked to represent who we are, or that our names shape who we are. Sure we’re given names at birth. But why else would alot of us choose another alias we use througout our lives? How many of us are the Neo’s, Trinity’s and Morpheus’ of the real world? Taking on aliases as a way to bring out the true nature that we hide from society. How many names must we go through before we feel comfortable in sticking with a final alias…a final alter ego?

People ask why Kamigoroshi? It is weird that it literally means “God Killer” in Japanese. But maybe I see something abstract about it. Shedding the last bonds that hold humanity to this “moral slate“. To break free of the Gods of religion, I am trying to forge myself as a person who walks the dangerous line of no limits, a person who seeks things beyond the rules that was “placed” on us all. Maybe that’s who I am and what I want…that’s all a person could ask for.

There is one more name I have to myself. If you’re curious enough, you’d probably know what that name is. It’s…a life I’m going to build myself around. Just by a name…but a life which I wish to live in. Free of all the social bonds that truly hold me down here and now. It may be a wishful dream…but its as real as we want to make it right?

Now the only thing is if I can get that name up on my domain. For some reason, it’s taking longer than expected. That’s bad. But I’m a patient person…I don’t mind the wait anyway. At least it’s better than calling my site “”.

Now that’s really bad…I think…maybe…

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