The National Truth…

The more I stay here where I am, the more I realise one important thing that sets aside Malaysia from other countries. It’s something that has become increasing obvious the moment I got here and started talking to the people around me, listening to the news and reading the papers. It’s not much of a revelation anyway.

Malaysians are lazy.

Yes…for the most part we are. Why try to even deny that? No…I haven’t decided to switch sides the moment I leave my own country. It’s just that now, I CAN make a comparison at least between a one nation and another. You take a look at the things that we do. The actions…OUR actions and OUR attitute towards whatever successes we have in our country justifies the fact we are lazy.

Let’s take something simple.

Malaysia prides herself with all sorts of great things. We have one of the tallest buildings in the world. Our international airport is also one of the best. We have a string of big and wonderful things all around. We have so called celebrities and intellectuals that were born here. We have alot of things that…yes…we should appreciate and feel proud off.

Now…relating to your own country.

Can you appreciate and feel proud of what YOU have done for your country?

What’s everyone ELSE doing?

Everytime someone here does something worthwhile, everyone makes a big deal of it. So you built the tallest building in the world. So you’re a girl who scored many many A’s. So someone else raised the stakes. What’s everyone else doing? Sleeping? Complaining? Not caring?

It would seem that people in Malaysia would rather talk about what has been done rather than try do something ourselves. We’re a nation of talkers than doers. We’re a nation that rather has someone else do it than for us to do it ourselves. We’re a nation that reacts last rather than acts first.

How many of you have paid a cop off rather than contesting your ticket in court? How many people you know would actually do that? I know none…but ever since I got here more than a week ago, I now know 4 people that have done or are going to do that. People that understand their rights because they know it’s not right to have a parking ticket parked in a bright area and risk being raped when you’re parked in a dark area a distance away with no one around.

How many people you know below 21 would be willing to go to court for a bloody parking ticket?

People here are people that excercise democracy because they understand their rights for what it is. Not something to be misused or complained or ignored. But something that upholds the instituition as a whole. Something that people fight for that’s bigger than themselves. That’s what a country should be made off.

That’s what a nation should be built on.

It doesn’t matter what laws we have. It matters that we start understanding what our EXISTING laws and rights mean for us and the nation we live in. It matters that we start putting whatever we know to good use…and not just laws.

The very fabric of a nation is built on the application of intellect. If we sit and talk about being smart…you’re not going to end up going anywhere are you? Unless you want to complain and wonder why other countries are better off than us for the rest of your life in coffee shops until your teeth and hair falls out. Think about it.

Think about it.

Think about it and get your butt OFF that cushion and start doing something worthwhile for yourself and for the country.

Nations are built upon the people who live in it.

Don’t let yourself be part of the problem.

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