The New Age-Like Guy…

I know its a little too late for this but the first random thing that has been happening for the past week is…Metrosexuality. I’ve heard it before…but it’s been repeating itself too many times last week for me to ask…what the hell is it? It sounds like a guy who loves the city…the hell if I knew what it was.

So I did a little digging around and what did you know? Metrosexuals are fashionable high class rich (or act like they are rich) men who are in touch with their feminine side. Usually mistaken for openly gay men to the untrained eye. They are mostly hetrosexual men who would enjoy nothing more than making other men of their kind jealous with their ability to flirt with women. Soft, artistically and culturally refined, they are the ultimate new age city slickers.

What has this got to do with my life? Almost nothing at all. I was just curious that’s all. I’m more the new age technogeek. Sure I like to be artistically refined and cultured…but to start having my nails manicured? I think that’s where I draw the line. I like my hair straight neat but not that stylish. I like my clothes practical not flashy. I like my sensitivity appropiate not overabundant. I like thinking deep but not depressing. Last of all I like to be myself and not follow a class stereotype. That’s the ticket alright.

Come to think of it…maybe I do belong to a class stereotype. Hmm…that’s scary indeed for me. Now I probably have to go dig it up again what I may belong under. Gee…all and to think stereotyping guys have come a long way since last time. Now everyone seems to want to be overly sensitive. God I hope it’s not a trend…every trend has its downfalls and I don’t want good honest guys to go down with it.

Why couldn’t most guys just stay neanderthal like? Would have made our lives so much easier….

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