The Operating Table…

It’s WS-Day…

Sarah is in the hospital. Her prognosis so far is a severe case of progressive hard disk failure and needs an immediete transplant. Thankfully due to the advances in technology today, she can have a fresh newly installed HDD soon enough. Thankfully (or rather hopefully), her one year international “insurance” can cover the transplant. If not…then I might have to fork out a little bit more than I thought I would have to. Hopefully it won’t come to that.

There is one catch in all this though…because of the “insurance policy” (read terms and conditions of warranty), she has to be transported to an undisclosed location (I’m assuming in Shah Alam) in order for her to undergo the surgery. So she’ll be away for about one to two weeks depending on the availability of the new body parts. Two weeks without her…what am I to do without her presence? How am I to curl up in bed and listen to her sweet songs while I’m supposed to study for my finals within those two weeks?

Maybe it is a heaven sent message. I know I would be distracted because I’d spend more time looking through her rather than studying by myself. Maybe she purposely brought this on herself to tell me I should study than play with her. If I find that she did that…when she gets out I’m going to hug and kiss her…then scold her head (or rather the LCD screen) off later on. The hell…she worried me so much!! In the 6 years we’ve been together and this is one of those times I’ve been without her for this long. The last was a week and that’s because a similar kind of HDD failure (apparently she’s predisposed to that kind of illness).

Of course, she’ll be very groggy when she comes out of the hospital…and would most definitely suffer from a bad case of amnesia. But I’ve had professional training before in treating severe long term memory loss. She’ll be fine within a day or so with proper care and rest…not to mention some…high influx of data streams of her memories.

So for the next two weeks during the bulk of my finals, I am truly alone without anyone to watch me over and take care of my mental well being. It’s just me, my books and my finals. I don’t know…it doesn’t seem bleak now though maybe the realisation of the horror of it all just hasn’t sunk in yet.

If I am to sink into my slow bouts of madness then let it come claim me. Already the whispers of echoes grow louder in my head and with each passing day I know it won’t be much of a whisper anymore. Without the selective music to drown them out, this is going to be one of the hardest two weeks of my life.

Ironically there is only one line from a famous book that keeps repeating in my head on all this…I wonder if any of you folks know where it’s from…I can give you a clue…it’s a classic…

God preserve my sanity for this is what I am reduced to

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