The Pre-Departure Melancholy…

This is it. This is going to be last day I blog from this house. The last day I blog from this room. The last day I blog from this bed. As far as I know…this is the day I leave for Australia. This is the day when everything is set in motion that I cannot turn back now.

I wish I could.

Even as I sit on this bed now dead tired from last night’s events. I still think it’s an ordinary day. My mind still tells me that tomorrow when I wake up I’ll be waking up to go to college taking her car…just doing what we always do. But…by this time tomorrow I’ll wake up on a plane. Probably almost reaching Sydney. Far away from the person I love and nothing between us but the miles that seperate us…

And nothing but love and a purpose to bind us.

I’ve got enough memories here and not enough room or weight to carry it. Hard to believe that alot of those memories can mean so much when you’re about to really leave it all behind.

The BBQ party yesterday was good. For the most part…we relived the memories that is my past. For the most part…they were good memories. Even if they were embarrasing or painful to remember. When you look back at those moments not long ago.

You can always sit back and laugh at it.

I remember repeatedly asking my crush out to the prom and being turned down. I remember the tales of a flasher in the neighbourhood. I remember the experiments. I remember the pride and ego. I remember the camaradrie and friendship. I remember the bitterness and hate. I remember the times we used to sit down and just talk about games and life itself. I remember the childish pranks that still made some of us legends in our own right.

I remember so much.

I can do nothing but remember it all.

So now I’m left with 2 cargo luggages and 2 hand carried luggage. All that I need to start afresh. Start keeping new memories in a new place. Maybe there will be new friends. Maybe there will be new legendary pranks. Maybe…there will be something entirely new I haven’t faced before. But one thing’s for certain.

My love for you will always hold.

Don’t care about what others may say. Don’t care about what trials we are to face in the future. Don’t care about the distance that seperates us. Just care for what matters the most…

Each other.

Care for the penguins that share and love. Care for the nights that we sleep (and snore) soundly and dream well. Care for that dream kitchen what we always wanted to cook in. Care for that pool we want to swin in. Care for Seymour and Sandra like we would for each other. Care for the people whom we teach. Care for the future that we are to create.

Just care for that.

I don’t know when I’ll return. I don’t know how I’ll return. Just mark my words that I WILL return…even if you have to sneak me in again like before. I’ll be back. I’ll be back and we can go on with what we planned. If there is a time to live, it is with you. For once…we have have something we can say we wanted. For once…we can stop doing things because they needed to be done.

I love you Ju…and I will come back and take you away from the darkness.

I love you.

And that’s all that should ever matter.

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