The Price…

How much is a friend worth to you? How far would you go before you can call someone your friend? How much would do to call yourself a friend? How much would it take to keep that friendship alive? How much would it cost you to kill your friend?

Could you kill your best friend?

Of course the immediate answer to many is no. So let’s up the ante a bit. Would you be willing to kill your friend…personally kill your friend if it were to save the lives of hundred of people. No? What about thousands? Millions? The entire world? How much is your price? People say you can’t put a price on friendship.

They lie.

Everything has a price. Everyone has their own currency. The question is…what is your price? How much would it take to do the things you really wouldn’t do?

All our prices depend entirely on the values we hold true in ourselves. How much we value the things we hold on to depends on our outlook on the world we live in. We often say the things that in our public eye holds noble qualities…but more often that not, we do not follow them.

We are hypocrites.

We are driven by our own self interests and deny in ourselves the inability to perform the noble deeds we often tell ourselves to do. We have our own pricetags that life would always pay up on. More often than we think, we are caught in our own moral and ethical dilemmas because we forget that life doesn’t give a damn about how much your friendship is worth or how much it’s going to cost you to do it. Life just gives you a choice to live for yourself or with yourself.

So could you kill your best friend?

It’s your call anyway. Whether you save just your friend or the lives of many. It’s just how much it’s going to cost you. The only question remaning is this.

Could you live with yourself in the end either way?

Could you?

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