The Price Of Freedom…

A conversation with a friend last night reminded me of something I learnt a long time ago. It’s something alot of us try so hard to strive for. It’s something alot of us believe we can reach. But sadly enough, it’s is something of an illusion to believe that we have what it takes to hold on to it.

That something is freedom.

And ironically…its price is eternal vigilance.

Freedom is something alot of us strive for to attain. Sure enough, even if the entire idea that democracy exhibits the freedom to choose whatever road you want is as well an illusion. In truth, there is no such thing as absolute freedom because with absolute freedom comes the need to maintain that freedom.

That itself creates a system of control to maintain such openess of choices.

So what about our individual lives?

There is no such freedom to contest with. For as long as we exist, we are connected to every event we come into contact with. We hold responsibility over the people we work and care over. We are part of the responsibility of people who watch and care for us. For as long as we exist, we are bound in that circle of life we have no escape from. As such we are bound to be thoughful and responsible for the choices we are free to choose in our lives.

Such itself is a contradiction to freedom in which we speak of.

Sometimes it’s sad to see people disregard their own reponsibilities and concequence of their actions in favour of something they call freedom to do what they wish. It’s sad to see other people pay for the concequence another people fails to pick up on because they want to do whatever they want.

If everyone on earth did that.

We’d be screwed 10 times over till kingdom comes.

All I know is, personally…yeah…I do work towards the freedom of my sense of responsibility. I want to live my life the way I want. I want to stand in the face of the morning sun (preferably with my sunglasses on) and say that I’m happy to do something for myself and only for myself. But all that is a distant dream for now.

We all have our jobs in life and sense of duty towards something we know to be true and such we much honour those duties until the end.

In the end, true freedom is in finishing something we all are supposed to do in our lives in order to start living the life we want to live. True freedom is in seeing that the things that need to be done first are finished before we start doing what we want to do.

Sometimes it’s hard to choose the need over the wants in our life.

But it’s harder to live the life of wants before finishing the needs of our own existance.

Either way…we all do what we have to do in the end.

It’s just our choice on where to start that differs.

One thought on “The Price Of Freedom…

  1. true indeed. freedom is just a word. to materialise it, one need to form a lot of words.. but in the is still caged.  

    Posted by disket

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