The Problem Magnet II

I said it before and I’m saying again. Trouble follows me like a shadow in a very bright place. I’m not saying it’s bad…because surprisingly, the trouble isn’t mine at all. It’s that of others. It’s like everywhere I turn and everywhere I go…it’s somehow drawn to me. Oh I do my best to help alright…but how far do I have to go to help those in need? I’ve been asked by many people…Why do I do it? The world is a horrible place. People tend to treat me like crap. Half the time, people hate me. But why do I keep on doing it? What do I get out of it?

I don’t know…all in all. I try not to be a busybody. I ask what’s wrong and leave it at that. I offer a hand but never do unless asked. All I offer is the honest opinion of a person who may or may not have experienced what they have before. In other words…help people help themselves. People often complain that there world is full of suffering, or it’s sad that she has it for the worst. People often show sympathy towards the misery of others…nod their heads and say it’s going to be alright. I’ve been through that…it does NOTHING to you. It doesn’t change a thing. In a nutshell, I handle things this way. “The world sucks, boohoo. Well…wipe away your tears because your misery ends here. I’m nothing but a guide. I offer you advice, but you have to take it. I offer you help, but you have to work on it. All I offer is the alternate solution, that’s all. Whether you take it or not…it’s your call.”

Is that why people are drawn to people like us? Is it because we offer what others don’t…hope…answers? Is this some divine message, a calling that some of us are destined to fufill? Or is it natural…the sense of inter-species salvation for the advancement of us all?

I stopped looking for those answers a long time ago. I figure, best to take things one at the time. I do my best to help the people that ask for help. If I can’t…then I won’t. I mean…I don’t go feeding the hungry or visiting the unfortunate. No…that’s not what I do best. What I do best is make sure the people now believe in what they think they lost. To believe in themselves. That is a powerful thing. If I can at least…help someone shape their future. That’s all I ask for…for them to see what they can do best for themselves. And if they understand that…and help other people do the best of what they can do, then I don’t need to be the one to feed the hungry or shelter the poor. Someone else will have the power to do that.

Perhaps some people may call me a Saint for such ideals. But I tell them this…you have to be a very good and a very dead person to be a Saint…and you have to perform 3 miracles. I’m not that good, neither am I dead. The closest thing to a miracle is me actually finishing an Algebra test paper with good marks. Even that I’m not so sure it’s a miracle. All I am is human…trying to live the best I can in a reality so torn by illusions. The only thing I can call myself…is Alive.

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