The Relationship Game…

Is worry a prerequisite for love? It probably is…especially to those of us that feel very insecure.

I mean think about it, you think you finally found the person that you’re willing to spend the rest of your life with. That perfect someone whom you accept and love, all strengths and flaws that you find. How many of us can say we have found that hint of perfection? So naturally…don’t you think alot of us will begin to worry that it might not all be true?

Doubt is a dangerous game to play.

I don’t know…I still think love should be something you should be able to let yourself go it. Something you shouldn’t hold back. Love should be something free from doubt and worry. Doubt whether it is all dream you’re desperately trying to wake up from. Worry that your moment of perfection will shatter into nothingness.

Love should be free from all those.

I still believe that in every relationship. The ones that matter…we should always be comfortable with who we are. It’s not that we shouldn’t change to make the ones we love happy. It’s not that…of course one way or another a relationship demands some sort of compromise or sacrifice of habits. But it should also be something that brings out the best and worst in us…and not make us feel regretful for anything.

But like anything else…it begins when we’re free of what holds us back. Worry, doubt, disbelief. It prevents us from fully immersing ourselves into anything let alone a relationship. You could give up a little of yourself…in the end it could return with something more. More than anything you have yet to experience and feel. Maybe some of us are afraid of that…afraid of giving in completely because we might lose ourselves.

But no matter what…we are who we always be, one way or another. We may hide it…but in the end it always comes out in a good or bad way. What I’m saying is that while other relationships live on hiding who we are from our partners. A perfect relationship thrives on one thing…

Taking two incomplete halves and making that one perfect whole.

We would still be the same…nothing can take that away from us, not even ourselves. But we would be something more. Something greater than what we could accomplish alone. Our weakneses tempered by each other’s strengths, our deficiencies made up by the abilities of another. That’s something alright. Something I don’t think I’m willing to give up so easily.

We all got to for once close our eyes and let ourselves be swept away before we can learn how to control. It’s the same as a paranoid worrywart finally choosing to have sex in a public place. Learn to let yourself be free. To bask in all that a relationship has to offer…because you alone can never be all you could be.

All that we have heard before. Trust, devotion, faith, communication. Those are just the limbs that come with a relationship. Where the heart really lies in that love…is the freedom to be who you always were and so much more…

Just to lie down in the arms of eternity’s bliss, enbracing yourself to passion’s sweet kiss.

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