The Replying Dream…

I just woke up and the first thing I’m going to do is blog this. Not because I’m a serial blogger. Not because I’m sick. But because I think something happened during the night that just gave me a reason to…well…put it all down. Before you go on reading, take time to read what I wrote the night before because then you’ll understand why this is going to matter. So here it goes.

I think God or whoever was in charge at the time gave me a reply.

As a person of logic and science, I know even this might seem a little too…disbelieving. But as a person who doesn’t doubt a higher flow of force at work in the universe, let me sum up why I think I got a reply during the night.

  1. I suddenly became incredibly sleeping past 10 which I usually don’t because I can even be awake nicely at 3 in the morning without problems.
  2. The alarm which I set to wake me up at 2330 hours should I fall alseep did NOT ring
  3. Usually I would get a barrage of messages during the night…this time I did not get any that would force me to get up and reply
  4. The person whom I was waiting for to talk all night had stuff to do
  5. I slept for 10 hours straight
  6. There were no nightmares in this one

If you know me enough to have been keeping track of my current life and my sleeping habits, you’d know that this is weird enough on its own. But what all this was pointing to was the dream I had. At this point, I’m only remembering fragmented visions of what I dreamt, whether they mean anything. I don’t know myself.

I was visiting a friend I barely know far away from where I normally go without normal transportation which I normally take. As I near it, I find out that he isn’t free at home right then and I cannot continue the last leg of my journey without any help from other people.

At this point, I can’t remember much until we get to this.

I dreamt that I had a one night stand with a good natured friend of a dubious reputation. She ripped out a page in a book I was using to carefully cut out pieces in it to paste down somewhere. Later I find out that it is the book my ex gave to me for safekeeping.

Now this part I can’t remember until the end which is significant.

I was talking to her (my ex) again. Alone and comfortably. I was on the floor and she was on a brown velvet couch. The emotions there was…neutral-content. That’s the best I can put it, I was not sad and neither was she looking happy or sad. Just talk like we used to talk when we were together. She asked me if the book she gave was safe, I said that other friend of mine ripped a page out. She pouted but not in an angry way, more of a sad-I-expected-this-to-happen way.

She then said this and I can just remember it.

What makes you think I’m happy with my decisions right now? Don’t you think I’m doing all this at this moment so that we can be together in the end? You believe that there is a together for us and so do I. We always had different ways of realising it. You know it. You can understand it.

Then just so happens, that’s where the dream ends.

10 hours worth of dreams into those moments which may or may not be figments of my own sub-concious or manipulations of a higher order at work. But it all means something, for what…I have to make sense of it. Either way, this may have been the reply I wanted…or needed.

It’s enough to start my day with a consoling thought.

To think that things like this can happen to me.

Gil Grissom would be SO proud.

Now there is a figment of my imagination alright.

5 thoughts on “The Replying Dream…

  1. hehehehehehehehe….. thats great ed! im happy coz ur feeling much much better i think =)…really…think happy from now onwards and get happy dreams… no more nightmares!!. 10 hourss??! really??… thats twice the time i usually have to sleep when im not so busy… jeles ady…test tommm aiyakk! ur not here to wish me luck…. sobs…bye 

    Posted by shana

  2. Shana: It’s just one night. Wait…you’ll see. It’ll come back to normal tonight.

    Will: I’m Agnostic and aiming to be trancendant. Different philosophy altogether. I don’t follow mainstream man.  

    Posted by Edrei

  3. Your last couple postings reminded me of my own life, post 2001. For nearly three years life hammered me with one calamity after. My prayers were met with another bitch-slap from life.

    Finally, I stopped looking for meaning. Stopped looking at life like it was trying to tell me something. Tho it was a sad realization, it gave me a great sense of relief. Suffering is only as intense as our level of attachment.  

    Posted by codos

  4. Suffering is always in proportion to our detachment from something we’re attached to very tightly.

    It’s just before that, you already have to know why you’re attached in the first place.

    Knowing the reasons are good beyond that of love and affection just makes it harder because you know it ain’t just a mere biological drive. 

    Posted by Edrei

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