The Resolution Check…

I know I know I should have put this down yesterday, I should think it’s still early enough to still put down my New Year’s Resolution. Just that considering what happened to me during New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day (read the 24 hour blogathon)…

I just didn’t have the time of the mood to put down everything after that.

But now I’m here, sort of refreshed and ready to start a new year with the new resolutions I came up. It wasn’t hard considering there are alot of things I was meant to do, but it wasn’t easy trying to keep them as doable as possible. But leaving that aside, here is the new deal for the new year.

Edrei’s 2005 New Year Resolution
1. Go to Phillip Island in Australia and take pictures with cute penguins.
2. Be applicable for Honours Degree under a field of Oncology.
3. Complete my Rubick’s cube sequence in under 2 minutes.
4. Work in a field related to Oncology and Forensics during my industrial training.
5. Complete the remaining Anita Blake collection by getting books 7, 10, 11 and 12
6. Get a steady part time job in a field of work I actually like but not related to industrial training.
7. Get my cholesterol level to below 5.5.
8. Improve my relationship with Ju to a point where I know (not hope) that there is still hope for the future.

So yeah, that’s the list of what I’m going to be attempting this year. Some are just continuations of what I succeeded last year. Some are actually new and never have thought off before. Some…are the hardest things I could ever commit my life to, but they are what I wrote and by God I’ll finish every last one of them…

Even if it takes me everything to succeed.

I still don’t understand why people put down things that seem nay possible (eg. smooch some specific celebrity with the next 365 days). It’s a nice goal and all…but shouldn’t the idea of a resolution be to actually complete them with all your effort? Unless you’re willing to travel all the way to where they are…you do know that’s an unlikely thing to happen right? Then again, I’ve got some pretty hard resolutions anyway…

So who am I to start throwing stones on what’s possible or not?

Anyway…I guess it’s pretty late in the New Year to wish this but may all our dreams, hopes and wishes come true this year. May our will and spirit to achieve what we want be as strong if not stronger than the day we bore them into words. May we always return to the reasons for going on when we are stuck in the quicksand of our own darkness.

May we have the year we deserve with all our effort.

Kick ass this year everyone.

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