The Ripe Core…

Can life really be good to you if you really believe that it will be good? I don’t know…depends on what you see as good. I guess every road we take is really a choice we do not see and in the end all that affects us depending on our first outlook on it. Like karmic law in which we do not notice. Good begets good and vice versa.

I know it’s been a disappointing week for me. A tough and long two weeks in fact. But somewhere along those lines…some good did indeed come out of it. Friends you know you can count on, enemies that in the end need your assistance, maybe even the countless penguin coincidences I’ve been getting. Maybe that’s what they were there for…to remind me to cheer myself up. That dispite all the muck up and stress I’m under…somewhere along those lines as creepy as it is…its…innocently comforting.

Well what did you know…maybe that IS the reason why I’ve been seeing alot of penguins this past two weeks. Life’s just trying to cheer me up…:)

I don’t pretend to be one with the universe, neither do I pretend to see every sign and signal in every situation. But it just seems to me I see what’s enough. Enough curves of reality, enough carresses of life, enough embraces of situations to show me that there is indeed something more than just what we see. An undercurrent of events within events, plots within plots. For once…I can just believe I can see it all and it doesn’t scare me at all. I have looked at things from the primordial darkness of the abyss to the infinite posibilities of infinite roads.

There isn’t much difference between both…but for this briefest of moments…I feel like a man free of the walls that bind us. Just this once…I feel free.

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