The Six Time Wipeout…

Six times…six times I had to wipe Sarah clean and start afresh. Why? Because for some reason the moment I get online after a fresh install, I get hit by all sorts of exploits and viruses. Until I realised what was happening…for the greater part of the Windows Update…Sarah was practically naked online…not good at all.

You can just imagine how agitated I was.

I mean…come on. I remember a time when it was ok to NOT use a firewall when you stepped into C-Space. I remember a time when even Anti-Viruses were optional and computer security was just for the top dog multi-national corporations. Now…the moment you get online…you’re bombarded with 200 over intrusions within the space of 10 minutes. That’s just as well…cause viruses travel just as easily without attachments or trojans.

It just ain’t safe anymore.

If you think that’s a problem for me. Try to imagine all the non-tech savvy people out there who haven’t the slightest inkling on how to use their systems properly. Some by all accounts don’t even know what Operating System they are running. We’re talking people who buy Macs just because it LOOKS good. LOOKS GOOD?! Honey…if you want something that looks good…buy a painting or a nice dress. At least you can save space.

It’s either we learn how to maintain the systems we have…or we don’t use them at all. Hell…I tell people NEVER EVER get a laptop unless they already know how to maintain their PC’s. But to make things simple…if you don’t know already. Here are the 5 essential things I would say anyone needs to keep their systems from going to the dogs. Especially if you have Windows XP.

1. Firewall – ZoneAlarm and Mcafee Personal Firewall Plus do a pretty good job and they are simple to use.
2. Antivirus – My peronal favourite would be AVG Antivirus. It’s just as efficient as Norton…and it comes free.
3. Spyware Remover – Ad-Aware or Spybot S&D. Or get both if you’re really paranoid.
4. Registry Cleaner – Regsupreme.
5. Disk Defragmenter – Diskeeper.

Of course…some of these programs are not free. Save for AVG Antivirus, Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D. But of course…if you know a little more…you CAN get them from “free” if you know what I mean. Not that I’m asking any of you to do it if you know what I mean. But for the safety of your systems…I believe that we should all do what it takes to safeguard them.

You never know when you might have to spend another 3 days formatting your system 6 times over and over again.

I’m just glad that’s over with.

Very glad.

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