The Strong And Mighty…

What defines a hero? What defines a noble and honorable warrior? Who’s to say what’s good and pure in a corrupted world we grew up in? Sometimes good can’t be any good without the taint of that which is considered evil. So are those the lines in which any hero must walk upon? Forever walking in the center of good and evil?

That’s something to think about.

I grew up believing in heroes. Everyone does. Whether its from your weekly saturday morning cartoons or the jaw dropping comics. Heroes are always there in our minds. I grew up believing in people who seemingly stand for those who cannot protect themselves. People who watch over the meek and the underdogs.

People who are willing to sacrifice themselves for what they believe is right.

Then again…when you come to think about it, is there is a difference between a hero and a suicidal fundementalist? Not much of a differene between them both. There isn’t much difference between bravery and stupidity either. So when you come and look at it this way. Is the prerequisite for a hero that of stupidity?

That’s another thing to think about.

Maybe there is another reason why people look up to heroes. Why people want heroes in their lives…and it isn’t because we need someone to inspire us and aspire to become. Maybe it isn’t because we need a shining beacon of right and just in this world. Perhaps maybe…just maybe…

We’re all lazy.

That’s right. I mean…you take a good look at the world today. Take a good look at yourself. How selfless are you? Anyone can put their lives on the line on a single day, but can you…can any one of you sincerely say you’re willing to put your physical and mental life on the line every single day for the rest of your lives? Can you say that for any self-righteous high class elitist who more often than not wash their hands of matters whereby other people clean up for them?

Who better to clean up the messes that society makes than these so called heroes?

Who better to shine in the night than the only person willing to hold the light while everyone just floats around?

There are days when I have more respect for prostitutes than I have of politicians, royalty and rich elitists. At least prostitutes sell their body. To me…it’s a far worse crime to sell intellect, nobility and honour…especially the illusion of it. There has to be a time when we learn that the state of mind isn’t a right…it’s a privilage. It isn’t something bought with material goods. It’s something born out of sweat and blood.

If you ask me…a true hero is someone who does exactly what they know they should do. A true hero is someone who knows where their true duty lies. A true hero is someone who takes responsibility not for their own actions…but for the actions of others. Those are where heroism really lies.

Not in bravery or acts of selfless conduct.

Not in words of nobility and blood.

Not in deeds of righteousness and good.

But in simple act of doing what you know should be done for yourself and for all that is affected.

The rest…follows naturally.

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