The Taboo Subject

Ahhh…Statistics is over. If everything goes right…let us never speak of that subject ever again. Now one more exam down…but that’s on Wednesday. We should concentrate on what’s important first. That means Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (mmmm…Elvis is back). First thing tomorrow is morning…on my way to get myself nice little seats. Damn that I didn’t know TGV was selling tickets on the 11th. I would have gotten not just sweet tickets. But it’ll be so much closer to home.

I’ll still try and secure myself some nice seats tomorrow. Must watch final installment to Lord of the Rings. Should I wear some wierd costume to show I’m such a die hard fan of the story? Nah…I did that for Matrix already…I think there is some law somewhere that states you can’t be huge die hard fan of more than one hugely successful movie in the space of one year that has a different genre.

Anyway…doesn’t matter. I’m going to see if I can find some of the music they sang in Riverdance. It’s too good to pass. Damn if I can sing like them…oh well…you win some you lose some.

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